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Ball Valves

Kantleak™ Ball Valves

KantleakTM  Ball Valves are designed with double o-ring protection and our exclusive stem seal never needs tightening. Our valves also feature forged brass CDA 377, chrome plated brass ball, blow-out proof stem, and easy turn handle.

Provides superior, leak-free performance and exceptional durability in hydraulic and pneumatic lines requiring total shut-off capability. 

Common Applications:

  • Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Tank Shut Off

  • Coolant Stop

  • Diverter Valves

  • Hydraulic

  • Pneumatic

Kantleak™ Brass Ball Valve

120BV Series


3-way ball valve

Pressure Rating:
Bottom Port as Inlet - 500 P.S.I

Side Ports as Inlet - 100 P.S.I

Kantleak™ Brass Ball Valve

162BV Series


2-way In-line Ball Valve
Pressure Rating:

600 P.S.I WOG
150 P.S.I Saturated Steam On-Off Service

Kantleak™ 90° Brass Ball Valve

190BV Series


2-way 90­° Angle Ball Valve

Pressure Rating:

Bottom Port as Inlet - 600 P.S.I

Side Ports as Inlet - 100 P.S.I


1/2 in port ball valves - Forged brass body

1/2 full port size capable of utilizing any of the following listed end connections

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