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Selector Valves

Selector Valves

The 100 & 200 Series non-lubricated selector valves are designed to operate in systems where instantaneous port selection is desired.  Since lubricants are not used, re-lubrication is not required.  There is no lubricant to freeze and lock the valve or to contaminate fine fluids.  The O-ring sealed cap and stem eliminate leakage. Both series are designed for panel or bracket mounting. 
100 Series

Standard with pointer lever to indicate the desired porting selection and can be rotated 360 degrees

200 Series

Standard with pointer lever and an audible click mechanism.  This arrangement assures proper porting selection by sound or touch.  This construction is highly desirable when the operator's visual attention cannot be distracted or for remote valve locations.  The valve rotate 360 degrees with click intervals spaced every 90 degrees. 


100 & 200 Series

4 Way Selector Valve

100-200 Series


110 & 210 Series

3-Way Selector Valve

110-210 Series

Simone Stratman - SK1036_2_edited.png

6 Port Series

6-Way Selector Valve

SK1031 - SP2486CM Series

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