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1.    All orders are subject to credit approval.


2.   Our terms are Net 30 days.


3.    All goods are sold F.O.B. Hartsville, SC. Our responsibility ends when we receive correct paperwork from Carrier.


4.    All quotations are valid for 15 working days.


5.    All mutual agreed prices are subject to change after written notification and not sooner than within 30 days notice


6.    All prices without mutual agreement are subject to change without notice at any time before shipment. 


7.    All sales and all contracts or agreements made by us are contingent upon strikes, fires, accidents, acts of God or other causes beyond our control


8.    No claims for shortage or overcharge will be granted unless made within ten days after receipt of goods.


9.    On all orders for individual manufactured items, we reserve the right to ship ten percent over or under the quantities specified and adjust the P.O. accordingly.


10.    Orders are accepted and entered with the understanding that after manufacture has started, they cannot be held for delayed deliveries, revised or canceled in whole or part without our being reimbursed for work already performed.


11.    Goods returned to us will not be accepted unless we have granted official approval (R.M.A. number ). 


12.    Material returned with our permission, which is not defective, will be subject to a handling charge and transportation charges.

Material returned for restocking will be subject to a 25% restocking fee unless otherwise agreed.


13.    Any of our products found defective through faults of quality or materials will be replaced, or credit will be allowed at invoice price. Under no circumstances will we allow charges for labor, expense, or consequential damage.


14.    Anderson Brass Company will not be liable directly or indirectly for any personal or material damage caused by the direct or indirect use of our products.


15.  Minimum  Invoice value is  $ 250.00.


16.  To avoid production process mistakes, we work with standard Anderson Brass Company Catalog item numbers or mutually agreed on different item numbers.


17.  We do not recognize any special conditions on invoices or other documents which have not been mutually agreed on in writing


18.    Any fitting up charges indicated on your orders cover in part the cost of the necessary tools, patterns, and fixtures ( Called Tools ) required for the particular work. Those tools, models and fixtures are to remain our sole property and  in our possession unless otherwise agreed on


19.    There will be no additional charges for tool upkeep or replacement. However, if, at any time, a period of two years has elapsed since the receipt of the last related order, we are not obligated to keep those tools in stock or maintained.


20. These terms and conditions apply in all instances except as shall be outlined in writing and signed by all parties

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