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Shut-Off (Plug) Valves

Instantaneous off-on operation with 360° rotation standard. 90° off-on rotation can be furnished, consult Anderson Brass Company. The standard 130 Series and 30 Series are rated for 30 psig. The H130 Series and H30 Series are rated at 150 psig. These valve are used extensively for water process piping and air supply systems. The lapped brass bodies and plugs are individually mated, providing an excellent quality, low friction valve.

Common Applications:

  • Low air pressure service

  • Fuel/water drain applications

130 Series


In-Line Shut Off Tapered Plug Valve

130 - 138 Series

30 Series


Drain Shut Off Tapered Plug Valve

30 - 35 Series

170 Series

Simone Stratman - 171CL_3_edited.png

In-Line Shut Off Tapered Plug Valve

170 - 179 Series

M670 Series

Simone Stratman - M670CL_edited.png

Marine Fuel Valve

M670 -M677 Series

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