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Refrigerated Goods


Zinc free products and stainless steel solutions.  We are leaders in back flow prevention both in brass and stainless steel. 

Doctor Using Digital Tablet


A wide variety of our valves are used in any number of products that enhance the quality of our lives and help keep us all safe every day.

Delivery Trucks


Kantleak™ Ball Valves provide double O-ring protection and a leak proof stem.  This technology has been applied in many of our designs for boating, trucking, instrumentation and stack valves. 

Caravan on the road


ABCO has been active in the RV world for ten years, developing a new generation of RV valve solutions based on industrial knowledge and applications.

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage


Anderson Brass has a long history of providing specialty valves needed both during peacetime and when our country has been at war. Many of our products have a direct influence in helping frontline soldiers move in and out of harm’s way.



Anderson Brass is a leading developer in HVAC solutions. 

- Core Removal Tools

- Manifold Solutions

- Hose Assemblies

- Swivel Joints

- Stack Valves

- Special Connectors

- Pressure Breakers

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