Anderson Brass has worked for years with the leading manufacturers of transportation equipment to provide reliable and competitive products.  The result is a wide offering of rugged and dependable valves with end combinations to suit almost any function, from fuel shut off to drain or diverter valves.

M670 Marine Fuel Valves
It is UL approved for use on motor craft fuel lines and is standard with pointer lever and an internal 90° turn stop mechanism to assure positive location of the on and off position. Corrosion proof internal construction assures maximum salt atmosphere protection. Port hole is 1/4" diameter.

Common Applications:

Motor Craft

Fuel/Water Drain Applications

Gas Lanterns
Ball Valves
KantleakTM Ball Valves are designed with double o-ring protection and our exclusive stem seal never needs tightening. Our valves also feature forged brass CDA 377, chrome plated brass ball, blow-out proof stem, and easy turn handle.

Common Applications:

Fuel Tank Shut Off

Coolant Stop

Diverter Valves


Mini Ball Valves
Miniature Ball Valves provide reliability and quality in a compact design. Ideal for tight and confined areas. Applications include instrumentation, gas sampling systems, high pressure gauges, test stands, hydraulic pneumatic service lines on capital equipment. This valve series features ASTM B-16 corrosion-resistant brass body and a quarter-turn handle design for instantaneous on-off operation.

Common Applications:

Compact Shut Off

Integral Hose Shut Off

Low Cost Instrume
Shut-Off (Plug) Valves
Instantaneous off-on operation with 360° rotation standard. 90° off-on rotation can be furnished, consult Anderson Brass Company. The standard 130 Series and 30 Series are rated for 30 psig. The H130 Series and H30 Series are rated at 150 psig. These valve are used extensively for water process piping and air supply systems. The lapped brass bodies and plugs are individually mated, providing an excellent quality, low friction valve.

Common Applications:

Low air pressure service

Selector Valves
The 100 & 200 Series non-lubricated selector valves are designed to operate in systems where instantaneous port selection is desired. Since lubricants are not used, re-lubrication is not required. There is no lubricant to freeze and lock the valve or to contaminate fine fluids. The O-ring sealed cap and stem eliminate leakage. Both series are designed for panel or bracket mounting.
100 Series

Standard with pointer lever to indicate the desired porting selection and can be rotated 360 degree
Rising Stem Valves
90 and 900 Series are used extensively in the industrial, heavy duty construction equipment and mobile fleet markets. They are high flow valves recommended for operation with gasoline, oil, kerosene, LP Gas, gas-air mixtures, cooling systems and air systems.

Common Applications:


Fuel Lines

Cooling Systems

Air Systems




LP gas

Gas/air mixtures
Check Valves
750 Series Instrumentation Check Valves feature self centering seal design, soft seat O-ring, metal back up seal, and zero leakage. The maximum pressure is 1500 PSI and has a temperature rating of -40° to 300°F.

Common Applications:

Feed water control systems

Dump lines

Process systems

Monitoring systems

Sampling systems
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