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Transportation Valves

Anderson Brass Company has over 89 years of experience working in various industries all over the world. One industry where we have a good deal of traction is, transportation. We have a multitude of styles that can meet various functions inside and outside of the truck. For years, we have worked with leading manufacturers of transportation equipment to provide reliable and competitive products. You might ask yourself, WHY do I need a Kantleak™ transportation valve; well if you have every experienced stem leakage after only a few short cycles, then the Kantleak™ valve is the answer. All Kantleak™ valves utilize a double O-ring stem seal to provide 20,000 leak free cycles. If you find yourself asking why do I need a valve made in the USA, consider this; Many companies operate from several locations globally and suffer from decoupled production and design. In many cases the product is simply bought and resold from various foreign countries and only the companies’ name is put on the product. At Anderson Brass, all our valves are engineered, designed, tested and assembled in the same location in the United States to ensure quality and consistency. Standard end connections are male or female national pipe thread (NPTF), dry seal or shur-loc compression ends. Special end configurations are available by request. Stem seals are available in: Neoprene, Viton, Aflas, Buna & several specialty compounds. Standard seat construction for the Kantleak™ ball valves is PTFE. Some of our best-selling valves to suite the transportation industry are our UL approved M670 series, 3-4 & 6 port selector valves, high and low pressure drain valves, in-line tapered plug valves, and standard ball valves. Visit our industries section on our website to view a spec sheet on each product. If you don’t see what you are looking for, schedule a zoom meeting with our team and let’s discuss custom solutions. Anderson Brass specializes in rapid product adaptation. Let us meet your standard and specific needs!

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