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4222BV Series Valve

Testimonial to the Durability of our Valves

I wanted to thank you for the great service you have given me and to tell you how amazed I am with the longevity of the 4 way ball valves I purchased from Anderson Brass back in 2007.

Because I use different types of chemicals depending on the job, I needed to have 3 different chemical containers to readily access by turning a switch.

The valves I had used in the past would last about a year. I was told it was because of the chemicals that I used. When I heard about your valves and decided to give them a try, I was hoping to get at least better than 1 year before replacement. That was 13 years ago and its finally time to replace them.

Keep in mind that 1 container is alkaline, one container is acidic, and one container Is peroxide based. Only 1 valve failed in all that time, but I am replacing them all to be proactive.

Thank you again for making such great products and your outstanding customer service.


Michael Schoeny

The 4200BV Series are multi-ported four way valves with our Kantleak™ double o-ring stem seal.  These valves are designed to enable you to direct a number of flows through a single valve with working pressures up to 2,000 psi.  Constructed with our standard click mechanism to assure proper port selection.  Applications include manifold switching, pressure selecting and venting, instrumentation test equipment, media sampling, and distribution systems.  Features include bar-stock brass body, blow out proof stem, and metal seal retainer. 

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