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Standard Modular Products Based on Standard Components

Customer Solutions Based on Modular Components

Non-Standard Solutions


Your valve was instrumental in ensuring the fuel system operated safely by preventing fuel being returned to a non supply tank

Berthon RIB Solutions Ltd


 Anderson Brass is a family owned and oriented production company that brings 88 years of knowledge to our customers. We conduct business focused on the growth and success of our stakeholders.  Within our offering of flow components and solutions, we are constantly looking for ways to implement customer oriented improvements. 


We strive to be a respected USA based production company of flow solutions providing our customers and their customers with market conforming products, quality ,and competitive new creative solutions.

Customized Specialty  Designs

ABCO is famous for specialty products.  We design custom products for our customers to set them apart from their competition, while keeping lean design and cost effectiveness in the equation. 

Rapid Production Adaption

Our production line is set up for medium to large quantities however, we maintain the ability to execute change effectively.  Customization includes, but is not limited to, end connections, plating specifications, brackets, strainer integration, sealing requirements, and handles. 

Customer Specific System Assemblies

ABCO prides itself in the ability to create a flexible approach in the respect of assembly.  Special tooling and setup jigs give us a competitive edge. 

Ball Valves
Mini Ball Valves
Instrumentation Ball Valves
Multi-Port Stack Valves
Shut-Off (Plug) Valves
Selector Valves
Needle Valves
Rising Stem Valves
Backflow Preventors
Check Valves
Speciality Valves
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Anderson Brass Company was founded before WWII in Detroit.  All valves are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA.  Made in the USA means just that; from the first step to the last, every operation is performed in our Hartsville, SC facility. 

Anderson Brass Company (ABCO) is a family owned business located in Hartsville, South Carolina. Our modern manufacturing facility was built in 1982 and features state-of-the-art techniques from innovative design to efficient and low cost domestic manufacturing.  As a leading brass valve and manifold manufacturer, we offer a wide range of products. Our products are produced to the highest quality standards with proven manufacturing technology and responsible material sourcing. ​In addition to our vast standard product offering, we offer a variety of Custom Services. Our engineering and sales professionals can provide a wide range of custom modifications and configurable end connections to meet your unique needs. Our valve expertise is unmatched along with our segmented solution focused flexibility. 



Food & Beverage Applications

Zinc free plated products and stainless steel solutions.  We are leaders in Back Flow Prevention both in brass and stainless steel.  

RV Applications

ABCO has been active in the RV world for ten years, developing a new generation of RV valve solutions based on industrial knowledge and applications.  Owners can buy our products directly at www.abcorv.com

HVAC Applications

ABCO is a leading developer in HVAC solutions

Core Removal Tools               Manifold Solutions

Hose Assemblies                   Swivel Joints

Stack-Valves                          Special Connectors

Pressure Breakers

General, Boating & Trucking Applications

Kantleak Ball Valves provide double O-ring protection and a leak proof stem.  This technology has been applied in many of our designs including designs for boating, trucking, instrumentation, and stack valves. 



For any inquiries or questions please call: 800-476-9876 or fill out the following form


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ABCO RV - An Anderson Brass Company

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To apply for employment please visit our office at 1629 W. Bobo Newsom Hwy, Hartsville, SC 29550. 

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