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            In a Recreation Vehicle (RV) there are six functions that are desired to service holding tanks, fixtures, and the on-board pump.  In previous RV system designs the water was fed by gravity into the holding tank with a separate feed for a pressurized fitting from the city water tap directly to the fixtures.  The water could then be pumped with the onboard pump to the fixtures when not connected to the city pressure fitting. 

            Modern RV designs are requiring a higher degree of functionality with the following six functions: 

(1).        Fill the On-Board Tanks
(2).        Pressurized Water Directly to the Fixtures
(3).        Pump from the Holding Tank to the Fixtures
(4).        Draw Winterizing Fluid from a Bucket into the Holding Tank, Lines and Fixtures.
(5).        Sanitize the Tanks, Lines and Fixtures with the On-Board Pump
(6).        Fill the Holding Tank from a Bucket or Stream when City Pressure is not Available 

            Previous designs of this type utilized up to five valves and a logic diagram to fulfill all functions as detailed below.


Anderson Brass Solution  

            In the Anderson Brass solution a single valve with internal porting simplifies the customer interface with a four position handle only to fulfill all five functions. Below shows an installed valve and the multi-port valve used to perform all functions.

The Installation                                                                            The Multi-Port Valve




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