Anderson Four Function Fill Station




Four Positions, Four Functions

  1. City – Pressure feed fixtures from 3/4" hose connection on backflow preventer.
  2. Normal – Pump from the on-board tank to the fixtures using on-board pump.
  3. Tank – Pressure fill the tank from 3/4" hose connection at backflow preventer. 100 gallons
    in 7 minutes.
  4. Sanitize/Winterize – Draw in sanitizers and winterizing fluids from a bucket utilizing the
    on-board pump.


Conventional Fill Station

Conventional fill stations provide only two functions.

  1. Gravity Fill Holding Tank – 40 minutes for 100 gallons.
  2. Pressure feed fixtures from 3/4" hose at backflow preventer.

No Provisions for Sanitizing and Winterizing


Multi-Valve Systems

A costly and complex network of up to five (5) valves is used to accomplish the same functions as the Anderson fill station. Confusing logic diagrams, like the one shown above, make operations difficult for RV owners and can cause several potential safety hazards.

Anderson RV fill stations are simpler, more reliable and provide a better RV owner experience.

Anderson 200 RV

Modern RV design requires a high degree of functionality combined with simple operational elegance. The Anderson 200 RV provides exactly that. A single valve with internal porting simplifies the customer interface with a four position handle that fulfills all the functions shown below:


  • Working Temperatures: - 20 to + 120° F
  • Maximum Pressure: 125psig
  • Thru-wall Replaceable Seals
  • NSF61 Listed
  • Same Footprint as Conventional System



200RV-PT (With Integral Water Heater By-pass)

Four applications in one unit



Our Anderson 200 RV fill station handles all functions with one unique valve and one hose connection. This reduces engineering, assembly and installation time. It also provides a more satisfying and trouble-free experience for the RV owner.

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